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Ftarri's Harmonium Vol. 7: Live at Ftarri, December 4, 2021

by Masamichi Kinoshita

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"Count to 11!!" (Sustained Sound Version)
While counting to 11, each player first extends their sound for a full 11 beats. The sound gradually changes to 10 beats and 9 beats, and the silence increases accordingly by 1 and 2 beats. In the end, there is silence. The musicians take care not to synchronize with one another.

"Fierce Exchange and Accord IV"
I added complexity to the graphic score I had adopted in the previous series to create a situation in which two instruments alternate between collision of fierce sound and accord of quiet sound. The previous score was made up of simple squares, but in this score, 2 or 3 squares overlap. The order in which each player moves within the squares has become more complex as well. The trombone is required to use 24 playing methods, which are scattered throughout the piece. Please listen to this space infused with accidental encounters and precise tempo control.

"Study in Fifths III"
First, the background electronic sounds are all decided on the basis of prime numbers and pi. The total performance time is 3,559 seconds. The pitch is set at A=442. Five-note intervals (fifths) are taken above and below, and these are replaced by prime numbers of approximate value to form the basic pattern. Next, pi is divided into two-digit segments. The remainders of these segments divided by 11 are used as a substitute sequence, and the ways in which this shifts the basic pattern (pitch changes, duration of sustained sound, duration of rests) are determined. Two trombones play with identical scores, but proceed without synchronizing by changing the way of reading their respective scores. The time at which each trombone begins playing is “a prime number of seconds” after the start. Forty-seven or 23 measures containing brief sound patterns (with intervals based on the above mentioned fifths) are performed independently and read in the form of a whirlpool. The four-page score is performed in the order [A-B-C-D-C-B-A]. The whirlpool configuration differs in the first and second parts.


「丁々発止と融和 IV」

「五度音程による習作 III」
まず背景の電子音ですが、すべてを素数、また円周率で決定しています。全体の演奏時間は3559秒です。ピッチはA=442としてそれぞれ上下に五度音程を取って行き、それを近似値の素数に置き換えたものを基本形とします。  次に円周率を2桁ごとに切って、それを11で割った余りに置き換えた数列を使い、基本形をどう動かすか (ピッチの変化、持続時間、休止時間) を決めます。二本のトロンボーンは同じ楽譜で演奏しますが、それらの読み方を互いに変えることによって、同期することはなく進みます。それぞれが演奏開始する時間は、スタートから「素数秒」後になります。簡潔な音形 (音程は上記の五度音程に準拠します) が書かれた47マス、または23マスを、渦を巻くように読みながらそれぞれ独立して演奏します。楽譜は4枚あり、A-B-C-D-C-B-Aの順番で演奏します。渦の巻き方を前半と後半で変えます。


released February 4, 2022

Compositions by Masamichi Kinoshita

Hiromune Ishii: trombone
Marika Tadokoro: trombone
Masamichi Kinoshita: harmonium, electonics

Recorded live at Ftarri, Tokyo, December 4, 2021
Recorded and mastered by Ftarri


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Ftarri Live Tokyo, Japan

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